Thursday, January 17, 2008

7 Paid Membership Site Ideas

You want to get started a paid membership site - you've heard all about its' potential to make long term, residual profits. You may have even read some suggestions on getting started.

I've written how important it is to develop a members site on something you love.

But, the problem is, if you don't have a clear idea on how to apply what you love to the actual implementation of a paid, members-only area, then you're stuck on the monopoly board without even a dice to roll.

So, I've put together some suggestions to get you started:

* How about Fashion tips for professional women aged 30 up. These women have a decent disposable income and an interest in looking good. Maybe they need to present well for their work, or more probably, they just want to impress their friends. Never undersetimate the importance of social pressure in fashion.

* Or Medical information products - you could give this a twist by finding information from people who have survived an illness, such as cancer, and using it in your membership site. You could even provide interviews with them, as well as interviews with medical professionals and natural therapists.

hunting online in niche areas - You probably don't want to go for a broad, job hunting membership, as you'd find a lot of competiton with large, well established sites. But if you have some expertise in a niche, you could include these special insider tips in a job hunting membership site.

* Do you think you could connect wannabes with professionals in any chosen niche? As an example, one membership site connects aspiring singer-songwriters with professionals in the music industry. How could you apoply this idea to your interests?

* What are the particular needs of professionals in an area in which you have expertise? It's going to be much easier to target professionals with needs that relate to their business than consumers with only a vague interest in the field. For example, instead of developing a membership site on gardening, what about a site for landscape design professionals?

* Moving overseas - there's a lot involved in relocating to a different country, and it can be daunting when people don't know anyone there. And you can be sure that the people involved here have money to spend, as it's not a cheap exercise. Even if they're relocating for work, they're probably in well-paid jobs if their company is paying for them.

* Travel guide - to a specific country - Do you know another country like a local? Do you have good contacts, or are willing to develop them, so you can deliver to travelers 'insider knowledge' and access to experiences that regular guide books can't? Done well, this can make for a very successful paid membership site, with a lot of back-end products.

There are many ways to approach a membership site, even for one topic. How you do so will depend on the type of potential members your niche has. By using your own interests and experience as a starting point, you can develop a list of possible topics to research.

Then, it's just a matter of picking the one with the most potential profit.

Some membership sites will be able to charge more than others, and some will have a greater potential demand. Ultimately though, you have to have some interest in the topic - or enough money that you can outsource all the content development whilst still maintaining the quality of the end result.

Mazlie Nadzri

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